Cengiz İnşaat, which has been on the “ENR Best 250 International Contractors” list since 2006, has made a name for itself with its giant projects both in Turkey and abroad.


Cengiz İnşaat, one of Turkey’s leading construction companies that undertakes major infrastructure projects, has become a strong competitor by increasing its effectiveness in international markets. Continuing to raise its success chart with its projects in Turkey and abroad, Cengiz İnşaat; It has its signature in many dams, power plants, tunnels, ports and highways, as well as Istanbul Airport, which is the largest investment made by the private sector in a single point in Turkey.

Cengiz İnşaat, which has reached employment of approximately 11,000 people with its business partners, continues its giant projects with its experienced human resources and constantly renewed machinery. Cengiz İnşaat, which produces tailor-made solutions in the projects it undertakes, realizes infrastructure investments with an understanding that its own performance will increase as long as technology catches up with it. Cengiz İnşaat, which stands out in projects abroad with its technical business skills, also shares its experience with the companies it works with in these projects.

Cengiz İnşaat, which has accomplished successful projects in Turkey and abroad, has many large-scale infrastructure projects such as airports, highways, railways and dams in Croatia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Iraq and Kuwait.