Towards the global giants league with huge investments…

While we play an important role in industrial development with our huge investments, which we have achieved in Turkey, we provide added value to the economy with symbolic projects. Cengiz Holding, which has been operating since 1980 and has 35 subsidiaries, has turned into a large family of 30 thousand today. I would like to thank each member of this precious family for their success, contribution and devoted work.

Cengiz Holding operates in the energy, mining, construction and service sectors. Energy and mining, which are among these and growing in parallel with the trends all over the world; now it has become the locomotive of our company. In the energy field, we continue our work in the fields of electricity generation and distribution, sales and marketing, and natural gas distribution and trade. Sustainable energy fields such as solar and wind in particular will shed light on our future investments. Eti Bakır and Eti Aluminum, two of the most important companies of the Turkish industry, are a source of pride for us with their increased capacities and efficient production with the effect of the investments we made after the privatization process. We plan to grow abroad in the fields of energy and mining in the coming period and to represent Turkey in the best way possible.

At Cengiz Holding, our construction and service activities are growing together. In addition to projects such as Istanbul Airport, Black Sea Coastal Road, High Speed ​​Train, which make Turkey’s name known to the world and bring people together with their loved ones, we also build dams, ports, power plants. These successful projects in Turkey also become a very important reference source for us abroad.

To our investments we have made all over Turkey; We continue unceasingly to add a sustainable value to our country’s commercial activities and, more importantly, to increase commonweal and social well-being. While we plan the future of our country with the confidence we have in the economy, we will continue to add value to Turkey with the pioneering steps we will take with our investments. In the coming period, we will turn our face to the world with the projects we will realize abroad.

We will continue to work with brand new success stories by taking part in the global giants league with our worldwide projects. While we implement all these, the strength of our country, the determination of the valuable Turkish nation and our love for our flag with a crescent and star will be our guide.


Mehmet Cengiz
Chairman of the Board