Cengiz İnşaat's completed projects amount to USD 9 billion 547 million. The Company is listed among “ENR Best 250 International Contractors” since 2006. Ongoing projects amount to USD 15 billion 45 million. USD 14 billion 394 million come from local projects and USD 651 million come from international projects.


Turnover at Cengiz İnşaat exceeded USD 1 Billion in 2017 and the value of completed and ongoing projects confirms that it is a major construction company managing Turkey’s biggest infrastructure projects. During the Company’s first years of operation, Turkey’s infrastructure projects were managed by foreign companies, but today Cengiz İnşaat is a competitor to Western companies, both in and out of Turkey. The Company’s success continues in Turkey and abroad, and in 2013 a consortium led by the Company won the bid for construction of Istanbul’s New Airport, the biggest project in the history of the country, through a Build-Operate-Transfer business model which also includes 25-year operating rights. Cengiz İnşaat’s strong position is supported by a robust financial structure, reliability in the market and an approach of high quality. Operating abroad as well as in Turkey, the Company is globally known and making firm progress along the road to becoming a global brand.

Project partnerships and collaborative approach

Together with its partners, Cengiz İnşaat provides employment for 20,000 people. With experienced personnel and a machinery park worth USD 310 million, the Company’s ongoing investments and projects amount to USD 14.394 billion in Turkey and USD 651 million abroad.

In both local and international projects, Cengiz İnşaat evaluates projects on the basis of size, local requirements, the motivations of public bodies in specifying national requirements, local contracting practices and financial strength. One of the Company’s most distinguishing characteristics is its wealth of experience in working with local and international partners in the industry. Today, the Company has the confidence and stability to engage in joint projects with its competitors in the highly competitive construction industry.


Fast decision-making

Cengiz İnşaat uses advanced technical and technological systems to minimize costs. Thanks to its strong logistics network, the Company can quickly resolve any technical issues arising in the field and ensure its projects progress without interruption. Cengiz İnşaat develops custom solutions for projects, making sure that infrastructure investment is informed by the knowledge that performance will be increased through technology. By partnering with foreign consultancy services, Cengiz İnşaat is able to integrate international experience and technical expertise into its own working methods, which are characterized by ‘Swift decision making, the ability to maneuver quickly and a transparent structure’. This has enabled Cengiz İnşaat to win prestigious public tenders in Turkey and abroad. The Company’s financial prowess is one of the major reasons behind its ability to complete work quickly as it is able to start projects without waiting for funds.

Operations abroad

Cengiz İnşaat has earned its reputation in Turkey through numerous successful projects and enjoys the same level of achievement with its international projects. The Company has built highways in Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria. International projects completed by Cengiz İnşaat include Vayxir Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant in Azerbaijan, Shamkirchay Dam, Aktobe-Martuk Highway in Kazakhstan, Ljulin-Daskalovo Motorway in Bulgaria, Altunkopri Highway in Erbil, Tahtaköprü – Ceyranbatan Irrigation Channel in Azerbaijan, Suhodol-Vlakavo-Tarcin Highway in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hawler International Airport in Erbil.